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“Ingenius people helping others fulfill their potential. PickYourCoach is a new platform that is going to help many athletes and individuals wanting to increase their performance find the coaches right for them.”

Wendy Smith
Paralympian and Motivational Speaker

Learn and improve your skills in a variety of sports. Real-time or offline, at your convenience

Online platform with access to top certified coaches

Coaches from all over the world with diverse techniques and coaching styles

Record your sports session and get your technique reviewed by your coach

Set up your wellness or sports goals and make it real with your personalized coach's help

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4 reasons why PickYourCoach is right for you

Learn from the best coaches across the world

Including Olympians, Paralympians , National and International Champions

Anytime and Anywhere

Proprietary in built video tool in the app for live and recorded coaching sessions

Curated content in many sports

Watch and learn at your own convenience with curated content

Over 15 disciplines

Including Cricket, Football, Badminton, Tennis with coaches from over 10 countries

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"Excellent platform for aspiring sports persons who need help in improving their skill sets. I used it for my son & the experience was top class."


"Great app for online sports coaching. Seamless experience and easy to use."


"Hi PYC Team. Used this app for a recorded session as a coach. I felt its features very user friendly."


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Our coaches are certified experts and an authority in their sports specialization. Millions of individuals have realized their sports goals and benefitted from the coaching techniques.