About Us

With the global sports coaching market rising exponentially every year, the need for a platform that eases the access between professionally certified coaches and sportsmen and sportswomen becomes ever so essential.

The travelling barriers and lack of convenience have always been the stifling factor for such aspirational individuals even before the inception of their journey. An immediate solution was vital, and that is precisely how the idea for PickYourCoach was born.

PickYourCoach is a sports coaching platform that connects coaches and striving sportsmen and sportswomen together, regardless of their geophysical location. With a touch of a button granting instant access to world-class coaches for a wide range of sports, students can utilize live sessions and get real-time feedback to improve their performance on the spot.

For those who are desiring to take it to the next level, there’s an entire database of nutritionists, physios, and mental health coaches waiting to be browsed by these students. With your own private 1-to-1 coaching classes, you can feel comfortable and improve at your own pace.

Let’s revolutionize sports coaching together!