Chin up!

Idiom:  to stay cheerful and hopeful during difficult times

We are living in unprecedented times with most people across the world rooted indoors. With our stellar line up of coaches, we believe we can influence individuals and bring about a whole lot of positivity.


“Chin Up” is PickYourCoach’s way of reaching out to individuals especially in India to help them be physically active and think positively during these challenging times.


Starting May 15th 2021 – every weekend we will have a minimum of 2 sessions for the next 4-6 weeks , PickYourCoach, will host free sessions for the public across the below genres


  • Yoga

  • Nutrition

  • Animal Flow

  • Sound Therapy

  • Self Defence

  • Mental Wellness

PickYourCoach is continuously looking to give back in whatever way we can, so if you believe we can help you and your organization reach out to us at