Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I download the app?

PickYourCoach is available both on iOS app store and the Google Play Store

How can I choose a coach?

On the app, you could filter as per sport or name of the coach you are looking for

What are the ways I can interact with the coach?

You can choose to do either a live session or a video analysis session

What is a live session?

A live session is a session where you can have a live video call with your selected coach

What is video analysis?

If you choose a video analysis session : you can share a short video (upto 100MB) for the coach to analyse and provide you the feedback within 24 hours

I have chosen a live session but my coach rejected my request, what do I do?

If a coach rejects your session, your refund is automatically processed and you should receive it in 4-5 business days. You may choose another coach on the app.

I am not able to call my coach for the live session, why?

Students will not be able to call a coach, only a coach can initiate a session. Even if the call drops due to any reason, the coach will call you back

I have a scheduled live session, but the coach has not called me, what do I do?

If the coach has not called you 10 minutes post the scheduled time, please send us an email at, we will have this checked and get back to you on next steps at the earliest

I have chosen a video analysis session but the coach has not responded after 24 hours, what do I do?

If the coach has not shared his/her feedback within 24 hours of you sharing the video/question, drop us an email at

I scheduled a session, but have realized that I am unable to attend, how do I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we would not provide refunds for sessions booked and accepted by the coach.

How early should I book a session on the app?

We suggest you book a session at least 48 hours in advance. If the coach agrees and accepts your request post that, we are okay with that too.

What size of video can I send via the app?

The max size is 100 MB and you can send 3 videos that total 100 MB too.


I am a certified coach and would like to be a coach on the app. What do I do?

Send us an email with your certificates and resume to

I am a coach and my student has not attended the scheduled live session. What do I do?

If the student has not answered your video call 3 (three) times and is late more than 15 minutes, please email us at

There is an issue with the app while doing the session, who do I contact?

Please email us at immediately and we will have this taken care off