Meet your certified coaches


Wendy Smith – Basketball and Mental Wellness – UK

Wendy is a former Paralympian who is now a renowned motivational and inspirational speaker. Wendy uses her personal knowledge and experience of the ‘power of thought and intention’ to assist others in the creation of functional, enjoyable and productive life experiences.


Deepika Lalwani – Yoga – India

Deepika is a yoga, pilates and nutrition coach with over 10 years of experience.


Jamie Loades – Football – UK

Jamie is a premier league academy coach at Norwich FC. He has a passion for developing football players on a 1-1 basis.


Prabhsharan Kaur – Krav Maga – India

Prabhsharan is India’s first civilian female qualified Krav Maga Instructor. She integrates her experience in spiritual healing with Krav Maga, helping learners find their inner strength and preparing them to take on all kinds of challenges.


Sin Eu Cheah – Mental Wellness – Mayalsia

Sin Eu is a well regarded Sports and Exercise Psychologist based in Malaysia. He has over 13 years experience and has coached and advised students across ages.


Sumitra Daswani – Holistic Wellness – USA

Sumitra is a Holistic Health & Life Coach, Nutritionist, Herbalist and Sound Therapist. Board certified by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. She is also a certified ayurvedic nutritionist and sound therapist.


Mannat Khanna – Zumba – India

Mannat based in India is a certified Zumba instructor and has been an instructor for the last 3 years.


Manoj Damiwal – Boxing – India

Former National Level boxer and currently NIS Certified Boxing Coach.


Vinay Basavaraj – Ironman – India

Vinay is one of the few Ironman qualified coaches from India. He has participated in over 60 Ironman competitions across the world.


James Lunn – Cricket – UK

James is currently the Pro Coach at Yorkshire cricket and is the regional coach at West Yorkshire.


RX Murali – Cricket – India

RX is one of the most qualified cricket coaches in India. He has coached players like Mayank Agarwal and is still is Mayank’s personal coach.


Sushma Verma – Cricket – India

Sushma is the current Indian wicketkeeper and is keen to help aspiring wicketkeepers across the world.


Mohit Kamath – Badminton – India

Mohit is a high-performance badminton coach. A former international badminton player , he is a certified coach from the Badminton World Federation.


Phil Adams – Badminton – UK

Phil is a professional badminton coach within Hertfordshire/London coaching all ranges from young to old.


Mads – Badminton – Denmark

Mads has been coaching for over 10 years and has over 200k subscribers for his online coaching videos.


Nataliya Kononenko – Gymnastics – Ukraine

Nataliya is an Olympian gymnast and Ukraine national coach. She is keen to share her experience in developing the next generation of gymnasts across the world.


Parsa Eskandari – Tennis – Canada

Parsa is based in Canada and has over 3 years experience coaching at West Vancouver Tennis Club.


Sasha Sambi – Snooker – India

Sasha is a Level 2 WPBSA certified coach. He also co founded CSPA -Cue School by Pankaj Advani.


Tanushree Jain – Pilates – UAE

Tanushree is a certified wellness coach , RESP UAE licensed Mat Pilates trainer. She is also a certified Reiki L3 and NLP practitioner.


Tarantismi Creative Dance Company - Dance – India

Headed by Anusha Hegde and Deepthi Shetty, Tarantismo is a dynamic group of dancers trained in styles like BELLY DANCE, BOLLYWOOD, SEMI-CLASSICAL, HEELS & INDIAN CONTEMPORARY.