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With innumerable coaches across the world, Pick Your Coach saw the need to give aspiring sportsmen and sportswomen an easy way to access the most qualified coaches from across the world.

We all agree, that finding the right coach for an athlete is paramount. A parent or an athlete would need to verify credentials of a coach , check their availability and how accessible the coaches are.

Country barriers? City Barriers? Traffic Barriers? None of this should ever come in anyone’s way to access the best coach for themselves.

COVID 19 has spun a whole new spanner in the works.

Pick Your Coach has proven a boon to aspiring athletes across the world along with coaches.

Pick Your Coach helps you find qualified and certified coaches across 15 disciplines (and growing!) from over 10 countries. Through the app , you will have access to an Olympic Gymnast, A Paralympian who was once told she could not walk, the current wicketkeeper for India Women’s team and an EPL coach amongst others.

Get your choice of doing a live in app video session or send in your video for the coach to analyse your technique and share feedback. Listen in to your role models and stalwarts in the sporting fraternity about their journey and accomplishments.

So May 23rd, get the app and experience coaching like never before!

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